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No. I was wrong. I don’t miss you. I miss what we had and who you were. But I’ll get that again someday and so will you.

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I tried killing myself yesterday and only Tristen cared.

Only this time, it was with pills.

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"I wish you could be as dedicated as him. He got three medals."

I’m first chair. Why can’t you ever just be proud of me? 

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I tell you all this shit

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You tell him more than you tell me. Then you go and complain about how I never tell you anything. 

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When I complain to Tristen about something and then he goes and asks me if I do that. “derp hasn’t ever finished an entire anime. But calls himself a fan.” “have you ever finished an entire anime series, Meggan?” yes, asshole.

You REALLY know how to piss a girl off.

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no friends? 


No boyfriend who gives a shit?

double check.

Fuck everyone. 

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