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Posted on 10th Aug at 10:27 PM

I honestly HATE the Drum line and Drum core. They usually are the only thing people pay attention to and they get so much credit and they’re deemed as “cool”.

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Posted on 22nd Apr at 11:05 PM, with 12 notes
I hate how heavily modified people are always judged.

If you don’t like it, then don’t do it to yourself. But don’t put someone else down for trying to express themselves. That is who they are. 

Posted on 12th Apr at 4:44 PM
The reason I prefer guy friends over female friends

is because guys aren’t emotional all of the fucking time. Most guys don’t show a hint of emotion around other males. It’s just how they are. I love seeing their emotional side because they hide it so well. But with females every god damn thing has to be about them. I’m the exact same way. I like being the center of attention just like any other girl. But I hate that about myself. I wouldn’t be so god damned depressed if I didn’t feel this constant need to impress everyone. 

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