ur so cute jack me off

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If I’m your tumblr crush, send me $50.
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Smh over feminists saying there should be more woman politicians! I mean, it's a job for men! I mean, there's like 50 male presidents! How many female presidents? Zero!!!!11!1

as it should be, brother!!! we can’t give women 50% of the power, that wouldn’t be equality!!!

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less unhealthy tragic lesbian movies, more lesbian romantic comedies

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Ass according to sign
  •  Aries: Horrible
  •  Taurus: Softly
  •  Leo: Squishable
  •  Virgo: Very pretty
  •  Gemini: Beautiful
  •  Libra: Excelent
  •  Cancer: Nice asshole
  •  Aquarius: Tiny
  •  Capricorn: Perfect
  •  Scorpio: Not so ugly, not so pretty
  •  Pisces: Very good
  •  Sagitarius: No have
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✰ Bambi/Indie blog ✰

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Someone take me on my first date ill even let you pay

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“It got some of the wrinkles out, but not all of them.”


“It got some of the wrinkles out, but not all of them.”

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sorry i cant hang out with u today i have to catch up on my crying

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the number of times i think “i don’t care” while people are talking to me is really getting out of hand

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Real Friends [x]

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TRUTH. (via Torontoist)


TRUTH. (via Torontoist)

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The only thing I want to come back from the 90’s are some of the clothes.

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a summary of american sex eduation

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